Annual Report

Highlights of our research and technology developments

The most important frontier we have left

MBARI is advancing marine science and engineering to understand our changing ocean.

On the Horizon

Highlights from our portfolio of projects in the upcoming year include new methods of observation at local creeks, the deep waters of the Monterey Bay, a deep subduction zone in the Pacific Northwest, and the Gulf of California.

2019 Award Recipients

In Memoriam

Roman Marin III
Senior Research Technician

Roman Marin III, a 23-year employee of MBARI, helped to develop the first Environmental Sample Processors—robotic biochemistry laboratories that have provided unprecedented views of life in the ocean and in freshwater. He was essential in getting these extremely complicated devices to work reliably in a wide variety of environments—from the deep seafloor to remote streams in Yellowstone National Park and the mountains of Montana.

Walter Munk
Former MBARI Board Member

Walter Munk served on the MBARI Board of Directors from the institute’s inception in 1987 until 2003. He was a world-renowned leader in the study of the oceans during his 80-year career as a professor and researcher at Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Munk was one of MBARI Founder David Packard’s most trusted advisers when Packard was considering the establishment of an oceanographic research institute.

Frank Roberts
Former MBARI Board Member

Frank Roberts was a director emeritus on the MBARI Board of Directors. A prominent lawyer in the San Francisco Bay Area, he was MBARI Founder David Packard’s personal attorney and close friend. Roberts was a founding member of the MBARI board; his legal expertise was highly valued in board meetings, and he was a beloved and admired colleague.