Annual Report

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Discoveries are reminders that we know so little about the ocean, Earth's largest habitat.

Chris Scholin

President and Chief Executive Officer Chris Scholin reflects on our ocean's future as we approach the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing.

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2018 Award Recipients


Peter Brewer

National Science and Technology Award , The People’s Republic of China


Steve Haddock

Ed Ricketts Memorial Award Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary


Bill Kirkwood

Autonomous Underwater Systems Lifetime Technical Achievement Award , Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers/Oceanic Engineering Society


Jacki Long

Sackett Prize for Innovative Research , University of South Florida


Victoria Orphan

Distinguished Scientist and Scholar Award, NOMIS Foundation


Charles Paull

Francis P. Shepard Award for Excellence in Marine Geology, Society for Sedimentary Geology


John Ryan

Visiting Fellowship of Antarctic Gateway Partnership, University of Tasmania, Australia


Yanwu Zhang

Visiting Fellowship of Antarctic Gateway Partnership University of Tasmania, Australia

Ocean180Video Challenge Award_3

Honorable Mention, Diet Secrets of the Deep and Fathomous

Anela Choy, Steve Haddock, Bruce Robison, Kyra Schlining, Susan von Thun

Members of the Information and Technology Dissemination Division

MBARI’s Information and Technology Dissemination Division

2020 Marine Education Award for outstanding work and leadership by an organization