Annual Report

Our team continued to build on more than three decades of innovation and discovery.

2021 by the numbers

415 combined days at sea
78 AUV missions
1,653.7 kilometers mapped
150 ROV dives
1,022 hours of ROV video
36 floats launched (SOCCOM/GO-BGC)
82 publications
133 presentations
73 mentorships
18 news stories
31 video productions
405,452 social media followers

Numbers to date

8.5 million video annotations
165,000 machine learning video localizations
150 terabytes of soundscape data
240 new species
Scholin Beach3

President and Chief Executive Officer Chris Scholin reflects on how MBARI’s continued commitment to give the ocean the attention it deserves.

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2021 Award Recipients

Benoit Bird Kelly

Kelly Benoit-Bird

Outstanding Associate Editor Limnology and Oceanography

Elected to the Executive Council of the Governing Board Acoustical Society of America

Scholin Beach3

Chris Scholin

Lockheed Martin Award for Ocean Science and Engineering presented by the Marine Technology Society