The deep-sea anglerfish is a couch potato’s hero

The anglerfish is one of the most famous deep-sea animals. This bulbous beast has a “fishing pole” projecting from its head. Each species has its own unique combination of rod and lure, suited to different fishing methods—the long, thin models are used to “trawl” for food along the seafloor, where shorter ones pull prey from the midwaters. A fish fishing for its own food might seem like an unusual choice, but this method is suited perfectly to the deep sea. In the vast and expansive waters of the midnight zone, meals are few and far between. Instead of chasing its prey, a hungry anglerfish merely sets out its bioluminescent bait and waits. The glowing lure entices small fishes and crustaceans to come closer, then the anglerfish’s massive mouth and sharp teeth snap shut for a feast.

The anglerfish is one of the most famous deep-sea animals. Deep-sea anglers may be most recognizable, but there are more than 300 anglerfish species in the order Lophiiformes. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and occupy a variety of habitats—even in shallow-water reefs.

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