2023 Annual Report
Four MBARI researchers reviewing data on a computer. Two researchers are seated and two are standing. One in the center wearing an orange beanie is pointing to the screen of a silver laptop computer to the right on top of a beige tabletop. Cables and assorted equipment are visible on the table and in the background.

MBARI careers go far beyond the traditional scientist in a lab coat. In 2023, 30 new staff members joined our team to support the institute’s work in science, engineering, marine operations, and communications. Image: © 2023 MBARI

Welcoming new members to our team

At MBARI, our “office” is Monterey Bay and its deep underwater canyon. Our scientists, engineers, communications staff, and marine operations crew are driven by a curiosity to learn more about the ocean and a passion to protect its future. For us, science is a team sport—we thrive by bringing together different perspectives to tackle the problems facing ocean health.

In 2023, MBARI welcomed 30 new staff members, including two postdoctoral fellows. Summer also saw the arrival of 16 interns, who worked in 12 different labs across the institute.

With many longtime staff beginning to approach retirement, our Human Resources Team hired MBARI’s very first recruitment specialist, who will help fill open positions with qualified individuals committed to supporting MBARI’s mission of advancing marine science and engineering.

Sixteen interns assembled in a line posing for a photograph on the beach. Brown sand is visible in the foreground and greenish-blue ocean, white waves, and blue sky are visible in the background.

In addition to hiring 30 new staff members, MBARI welcomed 16 interns for a 10-week summer internship. Image: Todd Walsh © 2023 MBARI

New app turns gamers into ocean explorers

FathomVerse leverages gaming and community science to improve AI for ocean exploration and discovery.