Creature features and splashy stickers

As we explore the deep sea, our researchers often discover lifeforms that we’ve never seen before. But some animals—either for their unique shapes, splendid colors, or their bizarre lifestyles—remain long-standing staff favorites. With the help of a science communication intern and fellow this summer, we showcased some of the deep sea’s most iconic critters on our “Creature feature” web page and social media giveaway campaign. Local Monterey artist Emily Hess created original illustrations for the first-ever MBARI stickers, highlighting some of the most memorable and lovable deep dwellers. They have proven very popular with our social media followers! Find exclusive imagery and information about how each animal thrives in the deep ocean on our “Creature feature” page.

Glow-in-the-dark corals light up the deep sea

A team of MBARI researchers filmed bioluminescence from various deep octocorals in their habitat for the first time.